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PTO Movies is one of the fastest-growing film production companies, with interests in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. With our strong position in one of Asia’s most vibrant arts scenes, we are making significant contributions to the regional film industry.

Our Latest Movie: Filial Party

About the Movie:

Filial Party is PTO Movies’ first foray into Singapore’s film industry. Critically-acclaimed director Boris Boo combines brilliant cinematography with a star-studded cast of veteran actors; a combination sure to take Asian box offices by storm. The film also marks the debut of Singaporean actress Ann Kok.

Directed By

Boris Boo


Christopher Lee / Kym Ng  / Richard Low / Liu Ling Ling / Mark Lee / Ann Kok / Jimmy T /  Haley Woo / Guo Liang / Irene Ang

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

The Story:

Set in present-day Singapore, Filial Party portrays an alternate reality in which the TV game show ‘I Am Filial’ has become a massive hit with local audiences. Mark Lee plays Liu, a wealthy television producer that creates a popular game show in which contestants compete in displays of Filial Piety for a cash prize of a million dollars. Director Boris Boo tells a riveting story about the pitfalls of greed and indifference in our modern society.


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Filial Party: Reviews

The verdict is in

I was glued to my seat. Director Boo has created something very special with a highly-talented and dynamic cast. The shots of Singapore were simply breathtaking, and certainly helped to set the mood for the story. More of this from Singapore’s film industry please!

Leslie Wong, The International Online Asian Cinema Review

Singaporean films are often hit-or-miss in my humble opinion, but this is not one of them. Christopher Lee delivers one of his all-time best ever performances in this film. 2014 looks like a great year for Asian cinema.

Mohd. B. Ismail, MovieBoleh

Boris Boo joins the ranks of great Asian directors like Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou with this offering. A poignant and real look at contemporary Singaporean life, featuring a talented and likeable cast of Mediacorp veterans. Thumbs up for the Clooney-esque Christopher Lee, who hasn’t been seen on Singaporean screens for some time!

Celestina Chua, Asiamovieblog

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